Here at Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron we are working towards gaining the Platinum Flag award with Eco Schools. This would make us the only Comprehensive School to have achieved this award and the pupils are working really hard to make this happen. As a School we have worked really hard to try and reduce our Carbon Footprint and the pupils have run a ‘Switch Off’ week as part of their Welsh Bac work and have also monitored and surveyed staff usage of electricity and they even provided staff with guidance on how to save even more energy! The school has also changed its heating system from oil to gas and therefore has input a new and cleaner system. Gas also burns more cleanly than oil and it means that the school is emitting less carbon dioxide but also up to 130 less harmful particles into our atmosphere. We still have our Solar panels too, so 4% of our energy is still coming from a completely green source, something the Eco Club want to expand on. Away from Energy, one of the Eco Clubs focuses has been on litter. Once a week some of our 6thform members take out small groups of pupils from year 7 to 9 and complete a quick litter pick during registration on a Friday. During this pick they collect data, noting down what kind of litter they are finding and where they are finding it. This allows our club to monitor the litter around the school during our meetings.

We have also been encouraging recycling by running a Bottle competition for all pupils. All they have to do is pop their name on an empty plastic bottle and pop it into the recycling bin and at the end of term a winner is chosen at random. One of our year 11 pupils has organised this competition and he even managed to secure a £100 prize fund from the Council for the winners. Our second target is to reduce waste. In the last two years we have had the Salvation Army clothes bank put into the bus bay. During the first two years we have filled it with over two tonnes of clothing and accessories! This is an amazing achievement and has helped to support the charity but also to bring some funds back to the school as we receive £200 per ton. Another way that we have been helping to reduce our waste is by starting up the ‘Upcycling Club’, this happens on a Tuesday officially but pupils are working away most days during their lunchtime and we have even secured our self a stall at the Aberaeron Flower Festival at the end of May. Exciting times ahead. As a school and group we are working hard to reduce our waste, shrink our carbon footprint and build our understanding of the wider world around us. We know that this is a huge task and if anyone has some ideas or suggestions for us to work on as a club and school then just send us an email.