Cashless Catering (ParentMail / NRS)


Aberaeron Comprehensive School

Dear Parent / Guardian
We are pleased to announce that we will be modernising many of our administration systems and will be operating with electronic communications wherever possible. We will also be working to remove cash from the school.

This will ensure the school operates in a secure and efficient manner, reducing administration work, reducing costs and at the same time keeping parents better informed and more involved with school life.

Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about.

We will be introducing two new systems in line with the other secondary schools in Ceredigion and you may well be familiar with them if your children have attended other schools. These systems are:

ParentMail for Parental communications, emails, SMS and smartphone communications as well as collecting payments for school meals, trips and other items. ParentMail is in use in over 6000 schools.

NRS Cashless Catering which will manage the tills, purchases and catering element for staff and pupils, ensuring less time queuing, better service and easier payment via ParentMail. NRS are widely seen as the market leader in this field and have a massive presence in both schools and the retail environment.