Clwb C.I.B.

Clwb Cymraeg i Bawb

What is Clwb C.I.B?

Clwb C.I.B is a lunchtime club that encourages pupils in year 7+8 to take part in activities and communicate through the medium of Welsh. Members of the sixth form have been volunteering to promote Welsh throughout the school and so far the club has been a great success.

Shwmae Su’mae…

Shwmae Su’mae day was held on the 15th of October to promote the Welsh language all over Wales. Clwb C.I.B created a video to support the event and was lucky enough to be shown on the S4C programme ‘Heno’. The video can be seen on our website or the school’s Facebook page.


Clwb C.I.B. Activities

Clwb C.I.B have held numerous activities for pupils in year 7+8 including bingo, tip-it, quizzes and dodge ball.

There are plenty of fun activities to come including Christmas games. So make sure join us every Wednesday lunchtime!