The annual Shwmae Su’mae day, which is held annually on October 15th, encourages everyone to give the Welsh language a go by starting conversations with ‘Shwmae’ or ‘Su’mae’.

Shwmae Su’mae Day is an opportunity to have fun with the language and make use of it in the shop, leisure centre, at work, at school, on the playground and with your friends, online or in person . We usually hold events to promote Welshness on this day but this year the day was held virtually.

This year, like every other year, the main purpose was to promote the idea of starting every conversation with Shwmae, Su´mae or Shwdi. The aim of the day was to show that the Welsh language belongs to everyone – fluent speakers, learners or those who are shy about their Welsh.

This video was edited by the School’s 6th form pupils. We thank them for their efforts to promote the Welsh language at Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron and beyond.