Art and Design

Yvonne Howells - Head of Department

Sharon Morgan

Gemma Roberts

Dominic Bromley

Some of this content was created before Covid-19 rules were in force.


Our vision is to give all pupils the opportunities to be inspired, informed and creative learners.


Pupils are welcomed into a stimulating department to access all aspects of Art and Design.

The purpose-built classrooms and photography studio are fully resourced, so that a variety of media and techniques can be developed by all pupils.

In addition to this the department has a Kiln and offers specialist digital tablets and cameras.


Learners are able to engage in positive art experiences and are presented with many different opportunities to develop and progress in their artistic abilities and skills.

Learners are able to work with a range of 2D, 3D and 4D material using a broad range of artistic techniques.


At KS3 pupils experience and work with a variety of mediums and develop techniques and influential styles from local and famous artists, Selected themes and current affairs.

Year 7

In Year 7, pupils learn about colour theory and are introduced to watercolours and colour mixing.

Pupils develop 2D and 3D artistic skills through studying the art elements these being tone texture colour, scale, perspective and composition.

This is delivered in a variety of ways through interesting tasks such collage, ceramics and observational studies.

Pupils research local and famous artists such as Paul Klee, Helen Elliot and Sarah Graham they use this artwork to inspire and influence their work.

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils produce pieces of artwork focussing on still life, observational and landscape drawings. They use a variety of materials such as vinyl, collage, water colour and ink. From observational drawings of man-made and natural objects, pupils are able to design and create bold and colourful pattern boarders for their painting Mamani Mamani style composition.

Painting skills are further developed through the analysis and research of the artist Hokusai. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to create dynamic wave compositions in different scales individually or as a group.

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils are encouraged to research and discuss different artists and evaluate their Art works. Pupils are required to design and create a graffiti tag based on research of different fonts and word art imagery. Key artist in this unit of work is Banksy.

The Portraiture scheme of work is delivered to pupils through a series of timed challenged activities. And observational drawing studies in a variety of techniques and materials in order to create bold and striking artworks.

Pupils participate in a ceramic workshop inspired by the day of the dead and artist Jose Guadaloop to develop and construct colourful and patterned ceramic sculptures.


At KS4 pupils are encouraged to build and refine upon their artistic skills learnt in KS3.

Pupils participate in a range of workshops, some of which are run by external artistic practioners.  Pupils are therefore exposed and work alongside professionals and gaining insights to their artistic practise.

KS4 pupils are encouraged to familiarise themselves with a range of materials and draw upon their artistic strengths and interests and refine these to their best of their ability.

Pupils are presented with opportunities to create a body of work rich in Life drawing, Lino printing, textiles, collage, 3d construction, ceramics, observational drawings, media, photography and photoshop.

Pupils are also required to annotate and evaluate their studies thoroughly in their sketchbook and provide research on artists and themes which inspire them as a starting point for their Personal investigation.

This holistic approach to their learning allows the pupils to understand their strengths in particular techniques and artistic genres.

As part of KS4 and KS5 coursework pupils choose a theme of their choice to study for their ‘Personal investigation’. Ongoing ideas and techniques are refined and consolidated in sketch books and a comprehensive body of work is produced.


Sixth form students that choose to study Art and Design at KS5 are given the opportunity to develop a broad foundation of critical, practical and theoretical skills at AS level, we offer learners a holistic approach to understanding a range of practices and contexts in the visual arts, crafts and design fields, culminating in greater specialism and achievement at A level.

At A Level, pupils are able to explore overlapping genres to specialise in. These include:

  • Fine Art
  • Critical and Contextual Studies
  • Textile Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Three-Dimensional Design
  • Photography

An extended exploratory portfolio and body of work based on themes and subject matter relevant to the pupil is produced this year. Conceptual ideas are consolidated and artistic practice refined to produce considered art outcomes.

Art excursions to national and local galleries, artists in residence and art workshops run by visiting local artists provide further stimulus and inspiration to pupil’s visual literacy and art experience inside and outside school.

Pupils are also geared up to explore university, college and career opportunities within the creative sector.


Pupils are encouraged to work on their sketch books and develop their techniques further at home including using their phones for digital development.

A blended learning approach is used in the department using Classcharts to record independent tasks and supporting assignments set up on Teams.


The department gives pupils the opportunities to develop and showcase their skills through local and national projects, including the national competitions, school eisteddfod and URDD competitions.