One of our main aims is to develop pupils’ research skills through fieldwork. We also believe strongly in developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts as well as appreciating the relevance of these concepts to our changing world.

The Curriculum

Geography is not a stand-alone subject and we endeavour to teach the skills and knowledge contained within the requirements of the National Curriculum. This means that pupils engage in meaningful learning utilising geographical knowledge and skills within other subject areas too. Aberaeron pupils apply their learning and skillsets to a wider variety of issues that challenge the world they live in.

Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9, you will receive three Geography lessons a fortnight. We study topics such as Coasts, The Local Area, Plate Tectonics and Weathering.

Key Stage 4

If you choose to study this subject as one of your GCSE options, you will receive five Geography lessons a fortnight. Physical and human geography are studied on a local and international scale. We also complete two days of fieldwork.

Specification: Geography GCSE

Key Stage 5

If you choose to study Geography in the Sixth Form, you will receive seven lessons a fortnight. Five units of work are studied, including two in year 12 and three in year 13. Themes include Changing Landscapes and Places (year 12) and Global Systems and Management and Contemporary Themes in Geography. There will also be four days of fieldwork over the two years. Learners are given the opportunity to choose a topic for the individual investigation in year 13 (worth 20%) that ties in with the course content.

Specification: AS/A Level Geography

Resources and Home Learning

As a department, we are very fortunate to have a good stock of resources that undoubtedly enrich pupils’ learning experiences. This includes interactive whiteboards in all teaching rooms where specialist software and online resources are regularly used to enhance the learning experience. The department has invested in several textbooks series’ suitable for younger and older pupils at the school and has recently invested heavily in examination skills practice books and GCSE and A level revision books. Owning a pair of wellies is certainly valuable in this subject!

It would be valuable for learners to read magazines e.g. Geography Review, look at websites e.g. The National Geographic/ Geographical Association and watch relevant news and current affairs programs. In addition, Year 12 and 13 pupils are suggested to join the Geographical Association.