Information Technology

Mrs Eirlys James-Evans Head of Department

Some of this content was created before Covid-19 rules were in force.


ICT has a significant impact on our lives and it will continue to do so whatever career path you choose. Technology available to us is changing an improving at a rapid pace. At Aberaeron, it’s our goal to make sure that we develop our students to become digitally competent citizens that can take advantage of the technology available to them to enhance their learning.


The school has several computer suites and laptop trolleys that’s used extensively by all departments.


Pupils receive discrete ICT lessons from Yr 7 and have an opportunity to complete a GCSE in the subject or an IT course in the sixth form.

This is an ever-adapting subject and we here at Aberaeron do our best to promote the digital skills of our pupils by providing opportunities to work with a variety of up to date software packages and devices.

Being a competent digital citizen is more than being able to use technology, it’s also about being able to use technology safely. That’s why some lessons are theory-based and dedicated to looking at identity, image and reputation, health and well-being, digital rights, licensing and ownership as well online behaviour and cyberbullying online.



Pupils will be using HWB and Office 365 to access school work and homework. This is an excellent platform that allows pupils to interact and collaborate with each other through e-mail, Class NoteBook and Teams.