Hafan / Encil

Nia Richards

Sharon Thomas

What is Hafan?

Hafan is a place to go for advice, support and a non-judgmental ear for all pupils. A homely room at the school where a pupil is referred for emotional and practical support. The intention is to offer support to the pupil to cope with aspects of school life that he or she finds difficult. A pupil may refer themselves to the Hafan or be referred by a member of staff.

Hafan also makes use of a number of external agencies to ensure the best care and / or support for the pupil concerned. See the list of external agencies used below.

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What is Encil?

A pupil is referred to the Encil when they do not comply with school rules and therefore get isolated internally. When there is a case of internal isolation, parents are contacted and notified of this. A pupil may be in the Encil for a maximum of 3 days. In order to ensure consistency, only members of the Senior Management Team can refer a pupil to the Encil.


Counselling is offered on the school site two days a week. A pupil can self-refer or make an appointment by contacting a member of staff.

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